La Lorenita


Lorena Rode is a multi-media artist and writer. She was born in Germany, but grew up navigating between Europe, South America, and Africa, constantly adapting to new environments. This nomadic upbringing challenged her sense of belonging, making her both a home to the foreign and foreign to her roots.

In her work, Lorena seeks to embrace such harmonious contradictions. She challenges certainties like the notion that objects lack life or that truth relies solely on measurable aspects. Her focus on animating materials reflects her belief that all matter carries a unique vitality. Through mediums like clay, wool, fabric, and steel, she engages in a meditative dialogue with her materials, crafting sculptures, jewellery,  costumes, and interactive creations.

Her art re-imagines narratives and offers pathways toward a symbiotic relationship with the environment and each other, aiming to embody care and serve as a tangible expression of nurturing.

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Upcoming: June 2024
Radical Connection, VOX-POP x Het Klimaatmuseum, Amsterdam

Upcoming: May 2024
Salon der Rotterdamse kunstenaars, The Doelen, Rotterdam

March 2024
Group Exhibition, Tongues, NDSM Treehouse, Amsterdam

March 2024
Performance, “The Cierto-Pluck” Jiny svety, Anezka Praha, Prague

February 2024
Group Exhibition “Fries and Tradion”, Time is the New Space, Rotterdam

December 2023
Book release: “Archipel-J. Slauerhof en 14 Anderen”, Het Moet Publishing

November 2023
Performance: “Dear Shapes in space”, Neck of the Woods Gallery, Rotterdam

October 2023
“Messmerizing”, Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven

September 2023
Group show, “A Call for Care”, Buitenplaats Briennenord, Rotterdam

August 2023
Group show, "How small can you go", RUIS, Nijmengen

August 2023
Design Fair, Trendz, Gorichem 

April 2023
Young Design Selection, Het Niewe Instituut, Rotterdam

April 2023
Performance, “Mama Limonada”, MoMo Festival,  Rotterdam

April 2023
Group show: “Music word geserveerd”, Time is the New Space, Rotterdam

September 2022
Performance: “Das Tischdecken”, Garage, Rotterdam

June 2022
Group show, “Ya le pondremos un Nombre”, EtHall, Barcelona

November 2022
Performance: “Washing Trapped Air”, CodArts, Rotterdam

May 2021
Short Film Challenge, "Defragment", Galerie de Jaloezie, Rotterdam

Events, Grants & Programs 

Upcoming July - August 2024
Culture moves Europe Funding for “Castillo Nostrum”, Barcelona

September 2023
Annual Para-Academic Course on Territorial Innovation, Living Summerschool, Kortrijk

September 2023
Het Grote Atelier Weekend, Rotterdam

May 2023
Art Route, Go west!, Rotterdam

November 2021
Group project, Kunst blijft slapen, Kunsthal, Rotterdam

September 2022
Het Grote Atelier Weekend, Rotterdam

Work Expierience

February -April 2024
Sales assistance, THE DIRT, Rotterdam

August 2021
Workshop curator, working with ceramics and glass,
Steiner Pottery, Frankfurt

July 2021
Workshop curator at the Elderly Home Quellenhof,
Bad Vilbel

September 2019 - March 2020
Art assistant of Jessica van Deursen, Rotterdam

November 2018
Art assistant of Pablo Gamboa Santos, Quito

November 2018
Art assistant of Pepe Avilés, Quito

October 2018
Art assistant of Maria Perez, Quito

December 2017
Curator of the workshop for the elderly: “Recreate memories Artistically”, Bad Vilbel


September 2019 - July 2023
Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Bachelor of Fine Art

September 2016 - July 2018
Europäische Schule Rhein Main, Bad Vilbel, Germany
European Baccalaureate

August 2011 - July 2016
International School of Uganda, Kampala, Uganda

August 2008 - July 2011
Heiligenstock Schule, Hofheim, Germany

August 2005 - July 2008
Deutsche Schule, San Salvador, El Salvador