New Things Coming Up

Treehouse NdSM Amsterdam

Opening: March 14th at 18h

To make use of the implications of NDSM’s unique location – an old shipyard where ships were built and people migrated or immigrated to and from all over the globe – Treehouse NDSM has developed the exhibition Tongues. Areas where many cultures and languages come together create spaces of in-betweenness that raise questions about what constitutes a home, and about how people formulate and reformulate their identity based on the culture or language they find themselves in.

Searching for home and a sense of self, in Tongues eleven artists explore how they view these issues by responding to a written text that is important to their sense of belonging or un-belonging. Together, these texts and artworks will form a new narrative, a new tongue that speaks to a broader sense of home, community and identity in an increasingly multicultural society.