The Performed

Here you will find all that had to be moved. Shaped and shared. Through spoken word, world building or intervention. Alone or in collaboration. 

The Cierto-Pluck, Aneska Praha


This piece was a part of the multidisciplinary performance evening “Jiny Svety” held in Prague. I acted like a saleswoman from a fictional company with a suitcase full of a fictional product: the Cierto-pluck. This product is designed to be inserted in the ear when having difficult talks with each other and is advertised as a help toconverse with more honesty. For the audience to receive their own product they had to answer 2-3 difficult questions with honesty. If I thought, they answered honestly, I would let them choose their personal Cierto-Pluck. It allowed people to open up to each other and become aware of their conversations. Testing what can happen if we materialise reminders to practise introspection.

Ephemeral as a Bubble

Dear shapes in space, Neck of the Woods Gallery


These borosilicate glass claws that were used in a durational performance. I tried doing nothing else but blow bubbles with them for 3 hours while crouching on the floor. Contemplating the essence of our short time on earth.

"Because we also do not see the air we breathe…
From a wish to trade solid gold for the touch of nothing
A wish we all sometimes crave
To be as ephemeral as a soap bubble
As transparent and empty
As round and washing
As instant and fleeting
* Puff *
From a seven-year-old’s birthday party theme
To the joys of material kinship
Of blowing glass
And blowing bubbles with glass
Soap, water, breath and borosilicate rods
Met here on duration"

Mama Limona

MoMo Festival, WORM UBIK (2023)

As part of the open call selection of the MOMO Festival 2023, Maite Dardano and I, created a performance and audio- visual installation. Based around themes of female friendship, generarions of motherhood and the task of nurturing. During the performance, the ceramic bras transformed into lemon presses, creating a delightful surprise of freshly breast-pressed lemonade served to the audience.

A celebration of mutual care, of life long sharing, a time of fruitfulness.

Das Tishdecken

A trilingual performance of set- ting the table for a dinner with a ceramic creation.
Performed at garage cafe Rotterdam in September 2022. Exploring the intimacy of a dinner scene. How we speak to each other and present ourselves depending on what language we are speaking.

Do we say the same things? Do we create the same things? Do we set the table the same way?

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Washing Trapped Air
Theatre Hall of Codarts (2021)

A collaboration between Codarts dance department students, mas- ter composition students and Fine art students of Willem de Kooning Academy. In 8 days a team of 17 were to come up with and create a performance. Taking into consid- eration all aspects from set design, costume, choreography and music. Under the theme of dreams this performance was birthed.

A spoken word piece accompanied by a duet of dancers.